The Department of Defence
1400 Defense Pentagon, Washington DC 20301-1400
This application emerged from our true conviction, that the state of Austria should rank among the
Axsis of Evil. In the following, we will give you the reasons from which we draw this conclusion.
In 2007 the OMV, which is by the way Austria`s largest energy-corporation, made a contract with
the Iranian regime, that contains gas supplies to the amount of 22 Million €. The Austrian state
holds about 30% of OMV`s shares. However, no subjection from Austrian politicians occured. No
honest efforts to stop that deal were made by any relevant political forces. It is more than obvious
that the money strengthened the regime in its efforts to pursue their nuclear power programm.
Furthermore, there is the political benefit for Iran that comes along with this transaction. Or, as a
high iranian representative points it out quite clearly: “Austria is our gate to the EU”. Besides gas,
Austria is involved in other delicate businesses concerning the Iran, so as arms trade. The Austrian
weapon factory Steyr-Mannlicher delivered high-precision rifles (Type HS.50) to the country that is
continuously threatening Israel. The reaction to these alligations, that had already been raised by the
U.S Government, is similar to reaction totalitarian regimes show if they are confronted with their
mistakes: “We don’t want any interference into our inner affairs”. That`s it.
In addition to these, already devastating evidences, there is even more that proves Austria’s
viciousness. In many regions a predominace of extrem-right or even fascist views can be
maintained. In the last elections, the right-winged FPÖ of the recently diseased Jörg Haider has
reached a result of nearly 30%. Haider was extremly popular not only in his home county of
Kärnten. After his death the whole country fell into a state of deep sadness. Thousends attened in
his funeral.
“Austria lost a big statesman” could be heard not only on the streets but also from the media.
Regarding this disgusting reality, we highly recommand a total re-education of the Austrian people.
We hope now that you faced the evil you will reply our application positivly. We would be grateful
if you made the world a better place by putting Austria in its place again.
Yours sincerely

Als pdf hier


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